Warrior Gym
Arkwright Mill, Hawkins Street Preston PR1 7HR

Incoming Events

2 Jan

Gym Re opens

The gym re opens as the 2015 year begins.

11 Jan

Kwon Grand Slam

Kickboxing open chamionships.

18 Jan

Padman Course Level 1

Train to be an effective & safe pad person

25 Jan

Watford Open

The watford open kicboxing championship

1 Feb

WKA Yorkshire Open

WKA British kickboxing championship & World championship qualifier

14 Feb

WAKO British Championships

WAKO British Championships & World Championship qualifier

22 Feb

Corner Crew Course Level 1 (members only)

Become a member of the corner crew.

Featured Classes and Activities

Wing Chun

A famous close rangge Chinese selfdefence system covering both the internal and external aspects.

Bao ding Shuai Jiao

Chinese jacket wrestling system.


The art of self healing through relaxed movement and thoughts


The traditional art of boxing.

Sanshou Kickboxing

Chinese self defense system and combat sport


A variety of manual hands massage and hypnosis therapies.

Personal Tuition

one on one personal training is available in a variety of different systems.

Decide your personal goal
Our experienced team will guide you to your target goals.

Coaches & Trainners

Coach Noteman

Coach Noteman

Head Coach

Head coach and founder of Northern Combat Martial Arts. Covers the Sanshou kickboxing, boxing, wing chun, Shuai Jiao & Qigong. Also a practitioner of a variety of different therapies.

Coach Herzog

Coach Herzog

Level 3 Sanshou Coach

An experienced level 3 coach in Sanshou kickboxing.Level 1 Padwoman, Level 2 Qigong practitioner & Taekwondo practitioner. Currently studying Krav Maga

Coach Papapanou

Coach Papapanou

Level 2 Sanshou Coach

An experienced level 2 coach in Sanshou kickboxing. Level 1 Padwoman, Level 1 Qigong practitioner. Currently studying Wing Chun & Shuai Jiao.

Coach Nelson

Coach Nelson

Level 1 Sanshou Coach

A level 1 coach in Sanshou kickboxing. Level 1 Padman. Also studying Qigong & Shuai Jiao

Trainer Joshua

Trainer Joshua

Level 1 Pad Man

An experienced level 1 padman that has helped our fighters win countless British, European & World titles. Also and accomplished Sanshou practitioner and fighter

Trainer Paul

Trainer Paul

Level 1 Padman

A talented level 1 padman that is responsible for the juniors. Has helped the junior members to win their British titles during his first year in the post.

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